Most commonly known as gum disease.  Back in the day " commonly known as pyria which is short for the name of the bacteria Porphyromorias Gingivalis that causes gum disease.

Periodontitis is a chronic, slow progressing disease caused by infection of the tissues in the gingival sulcus (the area around the root of the tooth that holds the tooth in the bone). The infection causes inflammation of the fibrous ligaments that connect the root of the tooth to the bone.  If left untreated the infection eventually destroys the tissue and the bone that surrounds the tooth creating a deep crevice or "pocket" around the tooth. If the infection persists long enough, the entire bone tissue and bone socket become compromised and will result in the loss of the tooth.

There are several root causes of gum disease. One of the main contributors to the condition is genetic. It is the body's ability to fight the bacteria that is already present in the mouth and develops into chronic infection. Calculus or "tarter" build up at a rapid rate which is also usually of a genetic origin that acts as an irritant to the tissues and creates a more conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive. Poor home care and smoking usually exacerbate the disease process but generally is not the root cause.

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